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Moving again! 9 December 2007

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Not too far this time! Only from Durham to Raleigh. It just makes more sense to live where I work. Rent is slightly higher in Raleigh but I won’t need as big of a place.

My landlord (who I haven’t been terribly pleased with) is claiming problems with my circuit breakers are because I have a space heater. The problem couldn’t be that the circuit breakers are so old they classify as antique. The electrician and the engineer who told me that must have no idea what they’re talking about. No, of course not! Because space heaters use more electricity if there isn’t central heat because they can tell how how the room already is. Space heaters just ignore the temperature settings they have built in.

So, my landlord said I have to turn my gas or I can move without penalty of breaking my lease. Since I’d rather not live somewhere with such abysmal maintenance and wanted to move to Raleigh anyway, I get to find an apartment and move out by January 1. So far, I’ve found some definite possibilities. No “dream apartment” yet, but I just started looking.

I think the longest I’ve stayed in one place since I was a kid is 2 years. I’m not really the biggest fan of moving, but I always feel like moving is great for cleaning/decluttering. Every move I make I seem to get rid of more stuff. Plus you clean the things that are hard to reach or are out of the way. If I lived one place for too long it would be really gross in spots.


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