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Good clean fun 7 July 2008

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felting process

felting process

felt soap

felt soap

felt beads

felt beads

Felting is a lot of fun. It’s so satisfying to create beads and nice soaps out of wool. Using a felting needle for the whole process leads to poking your fingers until they bleed. Wet felting doesn’t let you get as detailed. So I combined the techniques. I start by dry felting to get the design started. Then I use a little soap and a lot of hot water to really get the felt going quickly. Gloves help so I don’t dry my hands out.

Felted soap is especially great because you don’t need to ADD soap to the process. And the soap continues to felt as you use it. The end result is a nice light exfoliating soap.


2 Responses to “Good clean fun”

  1. Amethyst Clouds Says:

    So is it kinda like a loofah with the soap already added? Also is mainly decorative or is it safe for face and body?

  2. creativecat Says:

    Felted soap isn’t nearly as harsh as a loofah. It’s very safe for face and body–as long as you aren’t allergic to wool. The only issue I’ve had is some of the wool dyes bleed when you use the soap. It doesn’t stain your skin; it just turns the suds the same color as the dye.

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