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Cupcakes! 30 June 2008

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I have a cupcake obsession. I’m not even that crazy about eating them. I actually like looking at them more than I like eating them. Usually cake is too dry and crumbly for my tastes. And I’m very picky about frosting. Give me buttercream or give me death! Crisco is only good for making fake whipped cream or ice cream. It’s not meant to be eaten.

There are very few places that make beautiful and delicious cupcakes. Back in the Day in Savannah’s Starland District and The Cupcake Shoppe in Raleigh. Then there’s those who take that to another level. Like the girl who made knitted cupcakes. Or the perfect snack at the Vagina Monologues.

My baking skills are ok. I can make tasty confections and I can make beautiful pastries. Unfortunately, I can’t do both at once. One Christmas I made Buche de Noel with marzipan poinsettias. It was delicious but the cake looked less round and log-like and more rectangular and misshapen.

So I’ll limit my beautiful cupcakes to the illustrated variety–like these cupcakes done with watercolor and colored pencil last year when I was taking a class called Illustrating the Edible.


What’s cooking, good looking? 23 January 2008

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Lately, I’ve really been into cooking. I just can’t seem to eat processed food anymore. If I eat something pre-made, it has to be from a really good restaurant. Otherwise, it just doesn’t taste good and is filled with all kinds of chemicals. Plus, I’m kind of picky so I like to be able to pick and choose what I want in a dish. Even if I go to a restaurant, most of the time I end up thinking how I could have made the dish better myself.

I found a bread machine–new with the book!–at the thrift store earlier this month and have been enjoying making my own homemade bread. Of course, I’m not really a recipe-follower so I’ve been doing some experimenting. A few days ago I made a sweet potato bread which was really good, but it didn’t seem to rise quite right. It wasn’t dense, but the center was kind of sunken-in. It still tasted good though–not quite as much sweet potato flavor as I would have expected though.

I’ve bought so many different kinds of flour it’s not funny. I have rice flour, semolina, whole wheat, and chick pea. I would have bought hazelnut but it was $10 a pound! I’m currently experimenting with an Indian-flavored chick pea bread. The dough looks good and it smells wonderful, but we’ll see when it finishes baking. I’m thinking if it works out, I’ll try my hand at a birdseed bread next.