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Who wants free money? 17 June 2008

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I do! I do! Unlike the British apparently. According to an experiment done by a British price comparison site, only 28 people took advantage of the free money. A guy wearing a sandwich board that says “If you ask me for a 5 pound note, you can have one” encountered more than 1800 people on the street. There was no catch. All passerby had to do is ask him for the money, he would give it to you, and you could be on your way.

If this had happened in the US, the guy would have had a mob of people around him or been robbed. Probably both. I’m sure if I saw this guy on the street I would have thought there was a catch or would have thought the guy was crazy. I still would have asked him for money though. At the very least, I would have asked him what’s up with the sign. Even if there was a catch–like he wanted to talk about Jesus–I would have just taken the money and ran.


Get slant eyed 22 February 2008

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I may live in North Carolina, but it’s still part of the South and its racist attitudes. According to an article in the Independent Weekly, a Raleigh-area bar claims that they didn’t know that “slant-eyed” is a racist term. They must put “no offense” next to the headline on all of their flyers.

The bar owner says “getting slant eyed” is a common term for getting wasted. I’ve never heard it. No one I’ve talked to has heard that. I did google the phrase to discover that “getting slant-eyed” is a euphemism for masturbating in the navy. The article doesn’t mention that the bar wants their patrons jerking off there, but I still don’t think I’d eat anything with mayonnaise there.

None of their regular customers were offended by the flyer according to the article. Of course, according to my coworkers, this bar is mostly a redneck bar. So why would they be offended?


No support for the troops 10 February 2008

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The other night, I went to a metal show to rock out–not to get some soldiers’ rocks off. I didn’t think there would be so many army guys there since the closest base is 1 1/2 hours from here. I was wrong. For some reason, anytime I go anywhere with a lot of military guys (army especially), I get accosted.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not offended by random guys talking to me. I just don’t appreciate strangers thinking that talking to me for a half a second means I’m going to sleep with them. And usually guys who think this are in the military. Soldiers just don’t understand the word “no” unless it comes from their drill sergeant apparently.

I learned to avoid this one bar in Savannah after I told some guy no, but he didn’t listen to me. So my ex told him no. The soldier didn’t listen to him either. No, this guy in Savannah wouldn’t listen until the 6’6 300 lb dishwasher physically explained that I was not interested. Ever since then, I’ve had no understanding of the appeal of the “man in uniform.” The thought just repulses me.

At the show the other night, I’m taking a break in between sets, hanging out in the bar area, when one of the soldiers comes up to talk to me. Within 2 minutes, I find out he’s a soldier, then he tells me I can stay with him if I go to the band’s next show. Since I hoped he was joking, I laughed and let him buy me a drink before seeing the next band. I find out as soon as we get by the stage, he was definitely not joking. Apparently, saying that I would rock out with him meant that I wanted him to grind himself against me and try to force his hands down my pants. I ended up almost onstage trying to move away from him. Then suddenly, I’m free from the close to choke-hold and go over to the side to get a drink of water.

That’s when I realized he didn’t decide to let me go on his own. His friends had to physically pull him away! One of the guys who dragged the soldier off me came up to apologize and let me know he would help me again if I needed him to. Which, unfortunately, I did.

During the next break, I found out from the guy who helped me that all of them had just come back from deployment and they need to “release some steam.” Not that pent-up frustration is an excuse for his friend’s actions, but just that he wanted me to know that his friend doesn’t usually act like that. I explained that I’m not surprised because this isn’t the first time this has happened to me. I also told him that he doesn’t need to be sorry because he didn’t do anything wrong.

I really do want to go to the next show (which has national acts too!) but it’s in military-central. Although the guy who tried to protect me said he would be at the next show . . . well, I have some time to decide what I want to do that night.


Euphemisms protect no one but the guilty 2 October 2007

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Yesterday in my kickboxing class, my teacher taught us several techniques to protect ourselves against a “personal female attack.” Not how to defend ourselves from a rapist, but a “personal female attacker.” Apparently, a girl was raped at the school last year so my teacher was forbidden from using the word “rape.” She found out when writing a course description for a Women’s Self-Defense class and the school told her she could not use the word rape.

I would not have even known about the rape except that my teacher explained why she couldn’t use the word. Does the school actually think they’re protecting anyone by refusing to use the word rape? The only thing it’s accomplished for me is it’s makes me believe that this school cares more for appearances than for the safety of its students. When there were rapes at my college, I heard about them from the school. They warned all of the students and reminded us how to prevent such situations. Knowing what happened didn’t make me feel any less safe, but I do feel less safe discovering the school’s “secret.”

Why is the school trying to cover it up? Were they somehow at fault? Since they’ve tried to withhold the information, I don’t know what actually happened, which makes me worry more than if I had all of the facts. I’m not the kind of person who’s going to live in fear, but I’m also not going to put myself in harm’s way. I’m definitely glad I know a few ways to protect myself now.


This is fun so why should I pay you? 22 September 2007

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Why should I work for free? Just because I enjoy art and design doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be compensated for services rendered. I was just looking through craigslist for more freelance work. There are far more postings requesting free logo and web design then people willing to pay. And of the few willing to pay, so many just want to barter or will pay when THEY make money. Then there are others basically offering slave wages.

Do these people not realize artists have bills to pay too? I can’t go to the grocery store and get food by telling them how much fun I had working on a project. I can’t send the power company a drawing instead of a check.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no problem volunteering for worthy organizations. Non-profits need good graphic design as much as businesses do. I just don’t want to work for free because you’re a cheap bastard. Would these same people ask for free medical care or legal counsel? I doubt it.