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What’s cooking, good looking? 23 January 2008

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Lately, I’ve really been into cooking. I just can’t seem to eat processed food anymore. If I eat something pre-made, it has to be from a really good restaurant. Otherwise, it just doesn’t taste good and is filled with all kinds of chemicals. Plus, I’m kind of picky so I like to be able to pick and choose what I want in a dish. Even if I go to a restaurant, most of the time I end up thinking how I could have made the dish better myself.

I found a bread machine–new with the book!–at the thrift store earlier this month and have been enjoying making my own homemade bread. Of course, I’m not really a recipe-follower so I’ve been doing some experimenting. A few days ago I made a sweet potato bread which was really good, but it didn’t seem to rise quite right. It wasn’t dense, but the center was kind of sunken-in. It still tasted good though–not quite as much sweet potato flavor as I would have expected though.

I’ve bought so many different kinds of flour it’s not funny. I have rice flour, semolina, whole wheat, and chick pea. I would have bought hazelnut but it was $10 a pound! I’m currently experimenting with an Indian-flavored chick pea bread. The dough looks good and it smells wonderful, but we’ll see when it finishes baking. I’m thinking if it works out, I’ll try my hand at a birdseed bread next.