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Who wants free money? 17 June 2008

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I do! I do! Unlike the British apparently. According to an experiment done by a British price comparison site, only 28 people took advantage of the free money. A guy wearing a sandwich board that says “If you ask me for a 5 pound note, you can have one” encountered more than 1800 people on the street. There was no catch. All passerby had to do is ask him for the money, he would give it to you, and you could be on your way.

If this had happened in the US, the guy would have had a mob of people around him or been robbed. Probably both. I’m sure if I saw this guy on the street I would have thought there was a catch or would have thought the guy was crazy. I still would have asked him for money though. At the very least, I would have asked him what’s up with the sign. Even if there was a catch–like he wanted to talk about Jesus–I would have just taken the money and ran.