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Euphemisms protect no one but the guilty 2 October 2007

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Yesterday in my kickboxing class, my teacher taught us several techniques to protect ourselves against a “personal female attack.” Not how to defend ourselves from a rapist, but a “personal female attacker.” Apparently, a girl was raped at the school last year so my teacher was forbidden from using the word “rape.” She found out when writing a course description for a Women’s Self-Defense class and the school told her she could not use the word rape.

I would not have even known about the rape except that my teacher explained why she couldn’t use the word. Does the school actually think they’re protecting anyone by refusing to use the word rape? The only thing it’s accomplished for me is it’s makes me believe that this school cares more for appearances than for the safety of its students. When there were rapes at my college, I heard about them from the school. They warned all of the students and reminded us how to prevent such situations. Knowing what happened didn’t make me feel any less safe, but I do feel less safe discovering the school’s “secret.”

Why is the school trying to cover it up? Were they somehow at fault? Since they’ve tried to withhold the information, I don’t know what actually happened, which makes me worry more than if I had all of the facts. I’m not the kind of person who’s going to live in fear, but I’m also not going to put myself in harm’s way. I’m definitely glad I know a few ways to protect myself now.