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Get slant eyed 22 February 2008

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I may live in North Carolina, but it’s still part of the South and its racist attitudes. According to an article in the Independent Weekly, a Raleigh-area bar claims that they didn’t know that “slant-eyed” is a racist term. They must put “no offense” next to the headline on all of their flyers.

The bar owner says “getting slant eyed” is a common term for getting wasted. I’ve never heard it. No one I’ve talked to has heard that. I did google the phrase to discover that “getting slant-eyed” is a euphemism for masturbating in the navy. The article doesn’t mention that the bar wants their patrons jerking off there, but I still don’t think I’d eat anything with mayonnaise there.

None of their regular customers were offended by the flyer according to the article. Of course, according to my coworkers, this bar is mostly a redneck bar. So why would they be offended?