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Playing around with shrinky dinks 5 July 2008

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I’ve been having fun experimenting with shrinky dinks: sketching with colored pencils and sharpies and painting with acrylics. I’m pretty happy with how these turned out considering I was just playing around. I think if I do a little planning/sketching first, I may be able to sell illustrated earrings, pendants and key rings.


She’s crafty! 15 June 2008

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I’ve been doing a lot of work on crafty things this week.

I finished making felted beads for a bracelet. Unfortunately, I’m all out of felt now and can’t find it for sale anywhere near me. I need to order some online or pick some up from Wild Fibre the next time I’m in Savannah. Despite poking my fingers with the needles many many times, I really enjoy felting.

I was also inspired to work on a mixed media piece that’s really more of a joke than real art. I call it “What the Bottle Blonde Bitch Stole” after a piece i saw in Lump Gallery First Friday.

It’s nowhere near finished. I’m just enjoying working with the materials. I forgot how much I like the smell of oil pastels. A lot of art supplies have really noxious smells like spray fix or mineral spirits, but not oil pastels.

Another bonus of working on “What the Bottle Blonde Bitch Stole” is it’s giving me ideas for more serious pieces. I think I’ll probably start on a portrait of Mike next. Maybe I’ll call it “What Memorial Health Killed” just to keep with the naming convention.