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Wanderlust 11 November 2007

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In my early 20s, I made a huge move from upstate NY to Savannah Georgia. It was scary to move so far away from home and all of my family the first time–but I was glad to do it. Six months ago, I moved from Savannah to the Research Triangle. Not nearly a big of a move, but still an adventure since I didn’t know anyone or have a job lined up. I was more excited than worried about this latest move. I really like living here. The culture fits well with my philosophies. I was disgusted with Savannah by the time I left there–which is not at all the case with North Carolina.

However, I don’t see myself settling here. I can’t put my finger on it, but already I’m looking for the next place to go. Where am I going to live next? What am I looking for in a place to live? Why don’t I see myself still here in a few years? And I’ve realized that I don’t want to live in ANY one place for the rest of my life.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to do much traveling. I didn’t get to do a semester abroad. I didn’t have an internship in a faraway place. My travels have mostly been from my home back to my family in NY. I don’t want to keep regretting my lack of world adventure. Sure, I can keep moving every couple of years–and I think I will–but I want more exotic than all over the US. (Especially because there’s a lot of places in the US where I know I DON’T want to live!)

So, since I’m newly single, don’t have a lot of possessions, and not accustomed to a fancy lifestyle, I’m looking at my options: (The only thing tying me here is my job–which I could quit if I wanted.) I could go back for a graduate degree. I could apply for a Fulbright scholarship. I could join the Peace Corps. I could teach English in Asia. I could volunteer for a variety of different organizations. Maybe I could do a combination of all of these.