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This is fun so why should I pay you? 22 September 2007

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Why should I work for free? Just because I enjoy art and design doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be compensated for services rendered. I was just looking through craigslist for more freelance work. There are far more postings requesting free logo and web design then people willing to pay. And of the few willing to pay, so many just want to barter or will pay when THEY make money. Then there are others basically offering slave wages.

Do these people not realize artists have bills to pay too? I can’t go to the grocery store and get food by telling them how much fun I had working on a project. I can’t send the power company a drawing instead of a check.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no problem volunteering for worthy organizations. Non-profits need good graphic design as much as businesses do. I just don’t want to work for free because you’re a cheap bastard. Would these same people ask for free medical care or legal counsel? I doubt it.